8. Add-ons

8.1. Huawei MU609

MU609 is high-quality designed HSPA module in small size and Huawei standard LGA form factor which is specially designed for industrial-grade M2M applications such as vehicle telematics, tracking, mobile payment, industrial router, safety monitor and industrial PDAs. Tibidabo sources can be easily updated to support MU609.

Download the kernel patch and the configuration fragment to ~/Documents. Be sure you followed the guide on Tibidabo linux kernel, and once you have prepared the kernel sources to be compiled by hand you can apply the patches:

  Host    select
patch -p1 -d ~/Documents/linux-2.6-imx/ < ~/Documents/0002-tibidabo-huawei.patch

To make the device work properly, make sure the Linux kernel is configured according to the configuration fragment file (~/Documents/huawei-mu609.cfg) you just downloaded.


The patches have been tested with module MU609 programmed with firmware version